User Manual

This contains information on how to use SimGrid, examples, and a reference guide. If you downloaded SimGrid, you can find it in the doc/ directory. But if you prefer to read it online, here you are.

It is recommended to have a look at the main documentation even if you only plan to use the Java bindings, as some informations is only present in there.

Older material

We provided some fact sheets for SuperComputing'11, covering the several aspects of the framework. They are still rather relevant.

Back in 2010, we used to have only one monolitic tutorial, that were several hundreds of slides long. It took over 4 hours to give this presentation. This is still somehow interesting because some parts were dropped in the 101 tutorials, as only very few people were asking for these information.

This old version of the tutorial also has some historical interest. If you liked it, you will love this history of SimGrid. This is not really uptodate, and most of the work in progress listed there is already done, but at least, it details how it all begun, and where we come from.