What is SimGrid

SimGrid is a framework to simulate distributed computer systems.

It can be used to either assess abstract algorithms or to profile and debug real distributed applications. SimGrid enables studies in the domains of (data-)Grids, IaaS Clouds, Clusters, High Performance Computing, Volunteer Computing, and Peer-to-Peer systems.

Technically speaking, SimGrid is a library. It is neither a graphical interface nor a command-line simulator running user scripts. The interaction with SimGrid is done by writing programs with the exposed functions to build your own simulator.

SimGrid is a Free Software distributed under the LGPL-2.1 license. You are thus welcome to use it as you wish or even to modify and distribute your version (provided that your version is as free as ours). It also means that SimGrid is developed by a vivid community of users and developers. We hope that you will come and join us!

SimGrid is the result of almost 20 years of research from several groups, both in France and in the U.S.A. It benefited of many funding from various research bodies, including the ANR, Inria, CNRS, University of Lorraine, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, ENS Rennes, and many others. Many thanks to our generous sponsors!

SimGrid is a powerful tool, but its learning curve can be rather steep. This manual will hopefully help and guide you to the features you want to use. Please report any issue that you see in this manual, including typos or unclear elements. You can even propose changes by clicking on the “Edit on GitLab” button at the top of every page.