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SimGrid v3.21 released

Martin Quinson - 2018-10-03 -

SimGrid v3.20 released

Martin Quinson - 2018-06-26 -

SimGrid v3.19 released

Martin Quinson - 2018-03-22 -

SimGrid v3.18 released

Martin Quinson - 2018-01-08 -

SimGrid v3.17 released

Martin Quinson - 2017-10-08 -
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SimGrid is a scientific instrument to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems such as Grids, Clouds, HPC or P2P systems. It can be used to evaluate heuristics, prototype applications or even assess legacy MPI applications. All this as a free software.

Welcome to the Modern Age of Computer Systems Simulation!

SimGrid is versatile

SimGrid is Trustworthy and Usable

  • Our sound simulation models are theoretically and experimentally assessed.
  • Scalable: Fast, low memory footprint.
  • Portable: Linux / Mac OS X / Windows ; Write your simulators in C/C++ or Java
  • Produces traces that can easily be visualized and post-processed with state-of-the-art tools such as Paj√© and Viva.
  • SimGrid provides many fancy features: synthetic platforms generation, traces for the platform availability or for the applicative workload, dynamicity and churn, etc.

The SimGrid project is more than 15 years old, and ready for at least 10 more thanks to the support of several agencies: the ANR (french research funding agency) funded the USS-SimGrid and SONGS scientific projects; The Inria (french research institute in computer science) funds engineers and provide our infrastructure and many of us are paid to work on SimGrid.

SimGrid is Open

  • SimGrid is free software. It is distributed under the GPL license, and all developments occure in open repositories.
  • SimGrid is widely used around the globe. It grounded the experiments of numerous scientific papers. It is used in practice at CERN to improve the algorithms underlying the data management infrastructure and by users of the EGEE grid to improve their usage of the platform and adapt to its variations.

The user community contains hundreds of entousiatic members around the globle. Several associated tools were provided by the community. If you have any question, or simply to meet other specialists of your domain, drop an email to the user mailing list. You can also come and visit us on the #simgrid IRC channel, on oftc servers.

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